Folks, USI Tech is not a scam. There. We said it. We say it with 99 percent surety that we are right. The only reason we cannot say 100 percent is because we are not owners of the company and don’t sit in on corporate strategy sessions.

Watch the video above (recorded Sept. 20, 2017) to see the business presentation for USI Tech, which has experienced incredible growth in less than a year due to its ingenious automated Bitcoin trading product. You’ll learn the details of what makes USI Tech one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world.

Despite what you’ll see in the video and what we’ll share with you below, there are many people who are very skeptical about any Bitcoin- or cryptocurrency related money-making opportunities in general. The reason: There were several over the summer months that were pure scams. We know because we, the Bitcoin Coaches, were victimized by two of them. We know how bad it feels to know you have been taken advantage of.

Many people are looking for the next great business opportunity, and we have a particular interest in anything Bitcoin-related. That’s why we, like many of you, gave some of the summer opportunities a try. We learned some very difficult lessons, including the need to thoroughly vet, and then vet again, any opportunity. We swore we would not risk any of our own money, nor would we recommend something to anybody that was not iron-clad.

When we first heard about USI Tech, the first reaction was to run as far away as possible, with the recent summer-month bitter experiences still fresh. But the word in the Bitcoin community was that this was different, so we inched our way in. Registration is free, and there is no monthly subscription fee, which made it easier. We were able to put small amounts of money in for testing purposes, and lo and behold, what they said would happen did happen.

Red flags went up when we had our first technical glitch — a transfer of Bitcoin from our Coinbase wallet to USI Tech that did not register in our USI Tech dashboard. Here we go again, we thought. We put in a support ticket, and lo and behold, the issue was resolved the next day.

Several months in, we are convinced that this company is absolutely not a scam, nor a ponzi scheme. The company leaders are appearing frequently in personal appearances, webinars and videos. If this is a scam, they’ll be very easy to track down. We’re not the only ones who feel this way:

Lee Oakey, who appears in the video above and is a leading USI Tech distributor, sent a video message to his team members on October 7 with what he termed “breaking news” in advance of a major company meeting in London at the end of October. He reported:

  • USI Tech will announce a product that is regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission at the London event. It seems pretty unlikely that a “scam” company would do that.
  • The company — which reportedly made $350 million in revenue in six months (according to Oakey in the above video) — will announce an investment in Bitcoin mining hardware on a scale that will make it among the largest Bitcoin mining operations in the world, if not THE largest.
  • USI Tech leader Horst Jicha, who has taken two previous companies public, plans to take USI Tech public in the U.S. in 2019. The London event will include “full transparency” of the company’s operations. This is seen as an important step prior to becoming a publicly traded company.

We are holding a webinar on Thursday, October 12, with Oakey as a scheduled guest. We invite you to drop by for more information on Bitcoin in general and USI Tech specifically. You can register here.

Along with the video above, more information is available here. If you want to go ahead and register for free and enjoy the advantage of leadership and tutelage from the Bitcoin Coaches and Oakey, you can do so here.

We believe you are going to hear more and more about this company in the coming weeks, months and years. They have stated their intent to be the largest Bitcoin-related company in the world, and that they are gearing up to handle MILLIONS of customers and distributors. Currently, there are around 250,000. This could be the equivalent in the cryptocurrency space of being early-in with Microsoft or Google.

As Jicha said recently to a crowd at a leadership meeting, “What is the biggest question about USI Tech? Any idea? … (It’s) Are we real? Is this a scam?”

Watch the video above, and if you have any questions, please shoot us an email at info@bitcoincoaches.com. We will shoot straight with you, based on what we have learned. We want to help you make an informed decision that is right for you.

And, please join us for the Thursday webinar.



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Tom Mitsoff is the co-author of the best-selling Amazon book, “Bitcoin Decoded.” He is a veteran journalist and editor who has won numerous awards from journalism organizations in Ohio, Kentucky and Texas for journalistic excellence. He has been involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2013, and is an experienced Internet entrepreneur.

  • Alex Petrov

    Sorry to say, but USI Tech doesn’t sign any contracts with Bitfury. this is misleading fake.

    • Brett Combs

      We correct our reporting error. Thank you for pointing this out.