Demand for Bitcoin skyrockets in Venezuela as Bolivar value plummets

The demand for Bitcoin in Venezuela is increasing at an exponential rate in the wake of hyperinflation that has drained much of the value of the Bolivar, the local currency. It...

Why is Bitcoin valuable?

This is a question the Bitcoin Coaches hear often, and it is addressed in depth in our book, "Bitcoin Decoded." We saw a very good synopsis of the reasons for Bitcoin's...

Investment manager: Closed-end Bitcoin fund may be about a year away

A closed-end fund based on Bitcoin may be just a year away, according to Cathie Wood, founder and chief executive officer of Ark Investment Management. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw...

Early Bitcoin adopter predicts $27,000 price by February 2018

Bitcoin's price will increase to more than $27,000 by February 2018, according to early Bitcoin investor and attorney Trace Mayer. A good month of $BTC consolidation. 200 day moving average rising well....

Reporter: Wall Street has inadvertently contributed to Bitcoin surge

Wall Street has inadvertently assisted the recent surge in Bitcoin value, according to Bloomberg News reporter Edward Robinson. "It's with every announcement that Wall Street is thinking of embracing Bitcoin as a...

‘Full transparency’ of Bitcoin investments among upcoming USI Tech announcements

One of USI Tech's leading distributors believes the company will "explode" in popularity due to its upcoming unveiling of "full transparency" of how it invests customers' Bitcoin deposits. "You'll be able to see...

Family sells all possessions for Bitcoin

Even among the most diehard of Bitcoin advocates, there are tiers of devotion and adherence. The Bitcoin Coaches, for example, believe without reservation that Bitcoin is here to stay as both a...

USI Tech is Not a Scam

Folks, USI Tech is not a scam. There. We said it. We say it with 99 percent surety that we are right. The only reason we cannot say 100 percent is...

Report: Goldman Sachs exploring Bitcoin trading operation

For the first time, a blue-chip Wall Street firm is considering direct involvement in the Bitcoin trading market, according to a report today. The Wall Street Journal reported: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is weighing a...

Is Bitcoin’s volatility subsiding?

Bitcoin prices will still be volatile in the wake of news that is perceived as good or bad about the cryptocurrency. But perhaps the scope of the volatility is beginning to...