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Cryptocurrency-based hedge funds growing quickly

There are 124 hedge funds focused on digital assets like Bitcoin, according to information reported Friday by CNBC. The network reported findings by financial research firm Autonomous Next, which said that more...

Foxconn invests in Bitcoin-centric company

The fourth largest information technology company in the world, Foxconn, announced today it has committed more than $30 million in funding to a Bitcoin-related startup company, Abra, Coindesk.com reported. Hon Hai Precision...

Demand for Bitcoin skyrockets in Venezuela as Bolivar value plummets

The demand for Bitcoin in Venezuela is increasing at an exponential rate in the wake of hyperinflation that has drained much of the value of the Bolivar, the local currency. It...

Investment manager: Closed-end Bitcoin fund may be about a year away

A closed-end fund based on Bitcoin may be just a year away, according to Cathie Wood, founder and chief executive officer of Ark Investment Management. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw...

Reporter: Wall Street has inadvertently contributed to Bitcoin surge

Wall Street has inadvertently assisted the recent surge in Bitcoin value, according to Bloomberg News reporter Edward Robinson. "It's with every announcement that Wall Street is thinking of embracing Bitcoin as a...

Most billionaires still skeptical about Bitcoin

Bitcoin has surged more than 400 percent this year, drawing the attention of hedge funds and wealthy individuals. But they are not quite willing to take the plunge, still viewing Bitcoin...