Bitcoin crossed the $7,500 price plateau for the first time today when it reached $7,501.66 on the Coindesk Bitcoin exchange index.

This marks the sixth time in the past seven days a new all-time high has been reached, and the fifth consecutive day.

We checked our usual sources to see what event may have sparked this surge of buying, but we have found nothing out of the ordinary. Typically, there is some market event that prompts a big increase or decrease in price. It may be that what is happening now is just the general public’s interest and curiosity in Bitcoin has reached a point where buying is occurring without a singular impetus — other than the consistent buzz of a week’s worth of all-time highs.

A surge in business at Coinbase confirms this supposition. According to CoinTelegraph.com:

The announcement by CME that it plans to launch Bitcoin futures has resulted in a spike in interest across the world. Coinbase, the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, has added 100,000 new users in the 24 hours past the announcement.

More details on this development can be heard in the video above.