A former Goldman Sachs VP who founded a crypto hedge fund says betting on Bitcoin is like betting on the Internet in the 1990s, according to Business Insider.

The opinion of Matthew Goetz, a former Goldman Sachs vice president and cofounder of BlockTower Capital, a Connecticut-based crypto hedge fund, mirrors that of the Bitcoin Coaches, who told their newsletter subscribers in a recent e-mail:

We believe Bitcoin is the most important technical innovation in the world since the Internet. Companies in all industries are exploring ways to replicate its blockchain. The value – both tangible and intangible — that the Internet has brought to the world will be in many ways reflected in the value we will see brought to bear through Bitcoin.

“Its value will continue to increase because more and more people will desire it,” the newsletter continued. “Countries, collectives and cultures will eventually turn to it as primary currency. When that happens, the demand will skyrocket. As will the value.”

Bitcoin is in its infancy in terms of its development. It was created in 2009, and therefore is only eight years old — not even into puberty. Eight years old is about when the World Wide Web was formed from the original Internet. Just think how your life would be different if you had invested early on in Internet technologies, right Bill Gates?

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