As we have reported previously, about 99 percent of the world’s population doesn’t understand Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin Coaches have released the third edition of “Bitcoin Decoded,” updated for 2017.

Yet, social media and the news are full of stories and mentions of the increasing value and allure of Bitcoin as both an investment and as the basis of a successful online business. Chances are very good that you are among the majority of people who ask themselves, “What is this all about? Is it a scam? Why does something you can’t hold in your hands have value?”

These are all very good questions, and we have the answers. The Bitcoin Coaches are the co-authors of one of the first books explaining Bitcoin, “Bitcoin Decoded,” an Amazon best-seller. There are many people and organizations touting Bitcoin as the latest greatest thing ever. Admittedly, we are in that camp.

We also believe that people should not invest in something they don’t understand. For a limited time, we are offering an instant download of the best-selling book “Bitcoin Decoded,” for free.

“There is a lot of buzz and information out there about Bitcoin, but most of it lacks the details that people who are thinking about getting involved in Bitcoin really need to know,” said Brett Combs, one of the Bitcoin Coaches. “It has value, and we believe its value will continue to grow. But why? What about it gives it value that will last?”

“Bitcoin Decoded” covers these topics:

  • Quick Start: Buy Your First Bitcoin in 4 Steps
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • History of Bitcoin
  • Why Bitcoin is Important
  • The Importance of Decentralization
  • Bitcoin Mining: The Gold Rush
  • Three Kinds of Wallets
  • Bitcoin for Business
  • Where to Spend Bitcoin
  • Making Money with Bitcoin
  • How to Make Sure Your Bitcoins Are Secure
  • Bitcoin Goes Viral
  • Keys to Bitcoin’s Continued Growth, and How You Can Get Involved

“This is an important read for anyone who is thinking about getting involved in Bitcoin, or even anyone who maybe just got involved but really doesn’t understand all the details about why it has value and what influences the value,” said Combs. “It’s very, very important that people know what they’re putting their money into.”

This offer is for a limited time, Combs said, designed to introduce readers to the Bitcoin Coaches and their level of expertise.

“We have been involved in Bitcoin for a total of 14 years between us, and it has been in existence for only nine years,” Combs said. “We provide the experience and context that people who have just jumped on board the Bitcoin bandwagon in the past few months cannot.” Take advantage of that experience and knowledge now by downloading “Bitcoin Decoded” for free, for a limited time.

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Tom Mitsoff is the co-author of the best-selling Amazon book, “Bitcoin Decoded.” He is a veteran journalist and editor who has won numerous awards from journalism organizations in Ohio, Kentucky and Texas for journalistic excellence. He has been involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2013, and is an experienced Internet entrepreneur.