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Overstock CEO: We’re Now Averaging $15,000 A Day In Bitcoin Sales

Posted by on Aug 13, 2014

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne says Bitcoin holders have boosted his company’s bottom line as a reward for his decision earlier this year to become the first major...

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Bitcoin price slumping again; ‘51% hash power’ threshold reached

Posted by on Jun 16, 2014

After hitting a peak of exchange prices around $670 in recent weeks, Bitcoin value has begun to decline again. Experts and analysts are citing two primary reasons:   In...

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Bitcoin Mining

DopaMINE – Cryptocurrency Mining Case by Red Harbinger

Posted by on Feb 21, 2014

Very cool computer case that is designed to hold multiple graphic cards and offers optimal cooling that is needed when stuffing any mining rig with multiple GPUs.  They are...

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Altcoin News

Darkcoin gaining value due to privacy qualities

Posted by on May 21, 2014

Someone out there likes anonymous money. In only a month, the little-known bitcoin alternative known as Darkcoin has rocketed nearly tenfold in value–from around 75 cents a coin to...

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Bitpay raises $30 million from investors, including Richard Branson

Atlanta, Georgia-based Bitpay has announced that they have raised $30 million in a Series A funding round led by Index Ventures. Joining Index in the round is Horizons Ventures, Founders Fund, Felicis Ventures, RRE Ventures, TTV Capital, AME Cloud Ventures, and even Sir Richard Branson of the numerous Virgin enterprises in operation today. The amount brings the...

Dorian Nakamoto issues statement denying Bitcoin involvement

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is back in the news today. He has hired a lawyer, who has issued a statement on his behalf, denying all involvement in and knowledge of Bitcoin: Here is the key passage in the article: Satoshi Nakamoto stands at the end of his sunbaked driveway looking timorous. And annoyed. He’s wearing a rumpled T-shirt, old blue jeans and white...

More signs that digital giants eBay, Google are focused on digital currencies

As much of the digital world has been awakened to the benefits and advantages of digital currencies like Bitcoin in the past several months, there has been widespread speculation about when the leaders in digital commerce might stake their claim in the new economy. There are signs today that could be sooner rather than later. eBay has filed a patent application...

What mental barriers do Bitcoin adoptees need to overcome to help others?

What does psychological research reveal about people’s perception of money and value? What mental barriers do Bitcoin adoptees need to overcome to help others welcome the new paradigm? Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, brings the latest scientific insights into the psychology of money and value to bear on the challenges of evangelizing Bitcoin to...

The Nakamoto story needed to be told

I have watched the reaction to Newsweek’s article which claims to reveal the actual identity of Bitcoin’s creator with great interest and curiosity. Many ‘Bitcoiners’ are angered that Dorian S. Nakamoto of Temple City, California, has been named in reporter Leah McGrath Goodman’s thoroughly researched article. The sentiments being...