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There are numerous points of entry in to Bitcoin/cryptocurrency economy. The one we recommend if you are completely new is to buy some Bitcoin and become familiar with how the process works. We recommend buying about 0.01 or 0.02 Bitcoins, which would be the equivalent of somewhere between $5 and $20 USD.

Use to buy and sell Bitcoin from people living in your local area. Please make sure you are aware of local laws pertaining to buying and selling Bitcoin.  Or, use an online exchange like Coinbase in the USA. Check out our resources section if you are looking for an online exchange in your country.

Make sure you set up an online wallet or software wallet to receive Bitcoin in a transaction. Options for online wallets and software wallets we recommend are at the links in this sentence.  You can learn more about the different types of wallets by visiting our home page and filling out the form on the upper right sidebar.  You will receive an email from us with the link to the free training.

If you need to understand what the current conversion rate to Bitcoin from your local currency is, go to  Preev is a simple Bitcoin converter that uses average trade volume from multiple Bitcoin markets to give you an average price. It has the ability to convert different currencies to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to different currencies.

You will need to provide your receiving address (from the Bitcoin wallet you set up) to the seller. That person will use that receiving address to send you Bitcoins from his or her wallet.

You’ll receive notice from your online wallet or software wallet almost immediately that you’ve received Bitcoin.